About the SEEYouth toolkit website

This website presents a toolkit of art and design activities that can be used to program workshops with marginalised youth. Through participatory art and design's strong commitment to communities, the toolkit aims to inspire and support those who undertake projects for youth engagement and empowerment, and aim to reduce youth marginalisation across the globe.

The contents of the toolkit and website have been produced collaboratively by members of the SEEYouth consortium. Each member has many years of experience and holds significant knowledge about how to use art and design activities to work hand in hand with youth who are facing considerable challenges. The goal was to create a toolkit that reflects this collective wisdom and presents it in a way that can be useful to others.

The website thus provides a series of art and design activity sheets and presents the projects for which theses activities were first developed. In addition, the website proposes guiding principles for building trust and ethical collaborations when working with youth at the margins, as this is the precondition to holding truly engaging and empowering workshops.