Photo: Satu Miettinen

Meditation in nature


This activity helps open senses, calm down, get focused and make the mind more clear and open to the activities that will follow.



No special materials needed. If you want to do the meditation while lying down on your back, then a yoga mat or similar could add comfort.

Doing the meditation in nature is best, but it can also be done indoors.  Choose a spot that is peaceful.



1. Explain the meditation exercise (duration, where you are going to meditate, how you are getting there, etc.)

2. Take a slow and quiet walk to the spot in nature where the meditation will happen.

3. When you reach the spot, participants can find a place for themselves where they feel comfortable, for example leaning on a tree.

4. Provide instructions for the meditation exercises. For example, first start with just listening to your breathing, then checking if you can smell something, hear something (birds, wind, your own breathing), feel something (your back against a tree, the wind on your cheek).

5. Go on with sensing the feelings on your body, feeling the flow of the breath. When there are thoughts coming in the mind, just acknowledge them and let them pass like clouds in the sky.

6. Instruct the participants to open their eyes, letting their gaze move around and see the colours. Some short stretching can help get the body flow again. Walk back.