Photo: Katri Konttinen


This activity aims to build a creative map together with the participants in order to visualize where we each come from. The wider aim is to create the feeling of connection, by locating and identifying our place and spaces in the world and in relation to each other – thus, strengthening youth´s identities.



Materials, such as paper, cardboard, wood or various materials at hand to create the tokens/symbolic signs. The map can be built on the ground or on a table, using paper or fabric as a base.

The activity is usually done indoors, but can also be done outdoors, utilizing materials found on site.



1. Guide the participants to create tokens that will represent them on the map, such as a symbol, a picture, or a material item that tells us about who they are.

2. Create the basic form of the map, using the floor, the ground or a table as a base.

3. Ask the participants to locate themselves where they want on the map, using the tokens they created.

4. Look at the map together and discuss.


Step 1 - Instructions and starting to create the tokens.

Step 2 - Various materials and different bases can be used in this activity.

Step 3 - What would my token look like?

Step 4 - Building the map can be done utilizing different spaces and materials.