Photo: Katri Konttinen

Path of senses & Inspiration jar


These activities develop a multisensory approach to the environment, using sense-opening exercises and the collection of inspiring elements from the surroundings. The aim is to root oneself in the environment, find calmness and presence by awakening the senses, and to feel the connection to nature and to oneself.



Glass jars for collecting findings (recycled or purchased).

Activity to be held outdoors, preferably in nature or in a peaceful place.



1. Explain to the group that the aim is to focus on observing the environment, walking in silence, focusing mainly on their senses — 15 min

2. Start walking, inviting the youth to let themselves be guided on their journey by all of their senses. Make stops along the way, asking the youth to focus on one sense at a time — 30 min min

3. Have a short discussion about how the exercise felt — 15 min

4. Distribute the glass jars and ask the youth to start collecting inspirational elements they find on the path. These can be anything that inspires the participants in that specific context, making sure they do not cause harm to the environment — 30 min

5. Regroup to share findings with one another. What did we find and how did it affect the way we observed the environment? What thoughts did this exercise awake in each participant? Invite the group to gather their jars in the form of an installation — 30 min