Photo: Katri Konttinen

Messages in the bottle


The activity helps create connections between youth separated by great geographical distance. Youth record and send each other greetings about their homes and their lives (e.g. hobbies, worries or interests). The aim is to mirror youth’s perspectives and knowledge in different contexts in order to learn, share, find similarities and strengthen the global connection among youth.



Camera, smartphones or other tools for recording and sharing the videos. Some additional materials such as props can be used to support the videos. Costs will depend on the equipment and materials already at hand. In order to increase accessibility, youth can use their mother tongue, which can incur translation costs.



1. Invite the youth to plan short video greetings they would like to send other youth, using discussions, sketching etc. The youth must have the central role and have the freedom to define the overall theme, content and format - 15 min

2. Film the videos, and do some light editing if needed - 30 min

3. Send the videos to the other group of youths (via email, social media, WhatsApp...) - 15 min

4. (Optional) Gather all the video materials together, so that it can be later edited to be shown in an exhibition, for instance - 15 min