The aim is to promote employment and income generation for the waste pickers and their families through sustainable and socially responsible design, through a solidarity economy lens,  cooperation, setting an example of alternative methods for social development.



PET blottles, scissors, strings, fire or hot metal (to warm up the plastic and transform it).

A room with electricity, tables and chairs.



1. Introduce the activity, presenting the aims and showing examples - 30 min

2. Select plastic bottles (PET, HDPE, LDPE) in varied colors - 1h

3. Disassemble the bottles and cut them, exploring different formats and patterns : circular, squared, flower petals, etc  - 1h30

4. Build components for jewellery-making. For example, to produce strings, laces or rings, cut the bottles into strips, or glue parts by melting the plastic with fire. (If needed, also use metal pieces) - 2h 

5. Assemble the jewellery - 1h