Photo: La Boîte Rouge VIF


Reflecting on places and events important for an individual or a community while developing spatial staging and scriptwriting skills for 360˚ video recording. Exploring sensory environment and addressing directly to the camera.


360-degree camera, a tripod and something to take notes. The activity should be done in an important place or during an interesting event.



1. Show examples of 360˚ videos on Youtube; have a look on a computer or on a cellphone. Put a cellphone in a VR headset or create one yourself :  — 30 min

2. Make a quick example with the participants placing them in circle around the camera making poses — 15 min

3. Ask the participants to choose an important place for them that they would like to talk about, in relation to an experience, an event or a memory. If needed, meet with an elder to discuss.

4. Scout a location with the participants, developing their discourse and their dynamic in relation to the place by asking questions : “Why is this specific location important to you? What would you like to say about it?” — 30 min

5. Write down a first draft in their own words — 10 min

6. Return to the location, install the camera on the tripod and review the shooting sequence with the participants. Start recording and go hide yourself out of view… — 20 min

7. Edit the start and end point of the 360-degree video and upload it to Youtube or Facebook.


Step 3 - Shana and her aunt Anne-Marie talking about the old times.

Step 4 - Shana presenting the chosen location.

Step 6 - Setting up the recording.