Photo: La Boîte Rouge VIF

Shared experience


To engage the participants in a common creative process promoting the transfer, documentation, conservation and transmission of their cultural heritage with a focus on training a dynamic new generation of cultural ambassadors. Moreover, this activity can foster relationships between individuals creating a context to share views and realities on a specific subject.



Cell phone, and if possible, a 3-axis gimbal and a Lavalier microphone. The activity is best suited as part of a cultural event if it aims for cultural heritage transmission. Otherwise, a controlled environment will provide better quality results.




1. Three-part training session during which participants learn how to configure their equipment, learn about filming and interviewing (introducing a topic; listening and contributing to liberate speeches; camera framing; sound recording), and are presented with examples of possible outcomes. — 60 min

2. Set up a private Facebook group or YouTube channel for the participants to share their work.

3. Exercise and practice: participants should experiment with their gear and (1) record a panoramic camera movement to reveal a surrounding; (2) record a travelling, filming a moving subject; (3) record an introductory presentation with a dynamic camera framing and angle. — 20 min

4. Each participant identifies an elder or any interesting person related to the project’s topic who could participate and agree to be recorded.

5. The intergenerational/intercultural duos choose a location and document their experience being there together and/or conduct a filmed discussion on a specific topic. — 10 min

6. The participants select some short clips to present their work. — 10 min


Step 3 - Panoramic shot

Step 5 - Sophie Trappeur, Caron’s Lodge, Eeyou - Waswanipi, 2011