Photo: Solen Roth

Hunting for inspiration


The goal is to develop participants’ awareness of the symbols, designs, patterns and other images that are in their surroundings that they find inspiring and can help them express themselves in relation to a theme.



Point-and-shoot digital cameras or cellphones; printer (colour and/or black & white), paper and ink for the printer. 

The first part of the activity can take place at different scales, depending on accessibility and allotted time: an entire neighborhood, the participants’ homes, the building in which the workshop is held, an outdoor space, etc. Ideally, the second part of the activity is held in a space with chairs and tables, protected from rain and wind.



1. The trainer announces the theme of the workshop and explains the spatial limits of the “hunt”, using landmarks well known by the participants and/or a map — 10 min

2. The participants are sent on their “hunt” to take photos of symbols, designs, patterns and other images that fit within the theme. (If needed, 2 or 3 participants can share a camera or cellphone, so long as each takes photos) — 60 min

3. The participants return to sort through their photos and select those they want to print out (between 3 and 8 each, depending on printing capacity and number of participants) — 20 min

4. Each participant shows their printed photos to the group and explains why they selected them, then places the photos on the table or posts them on a board — 30 min

5. Optional : this bank of images can help jump-start a more in-depth discussion on the chosen theme, or can be used later for other creative activities (e.g. the “Drawing bootcamp” or the "Personal logo design").


Objects that have cultural or personal significance for the participant. (Photo : Solen Roth)

A landscape photo of an important place. (Photo : Solen Roth)

A plant in the nearby forest. (Photo : Solen Roth)

Street art that includes a knitting pattern. (Photo : Solen Roth)