Photo: Solen Roth

Personal logo design


This activity aims to guide the participant into creating their own personal logo. It promotes introspection, pride, and creativity.



Printed or scanned images and shapes brought by the participants that have significant meaning to them and relate to their identity. White paper, tracing paper, pencils, erasers, black sharpies. Optional: Camera, computer and printer.

Indoor space that has large tables and, ideally, windows that can be used for tracing in step 2.



1. Identity keyword brainstorm : identify three words or concepts that the participants consider to be at the core of their identity, and that will inspire the logo — 20 min

2. Selecting and tracing icons and shapes : based on the printed images brought by the participants, they trace a few symbols or shapes they would like to use as starting points for their logos — 20 min

3. Logo brainstorm : participants are asked to generate 3 different logo ideas inspired by the keywords identified in step 1, and one or two shapes selected from step 2 — 20 min

4. Choice and adjustments of favorite logo: participants are coached to simplify the logo and define the shapes further. The logo ideas are then presented to the group in order to gather constructive feedback and improve the best logo concept — 60 min

5. Digitalization : depending on time and resources, the final logos can be framed as they are, or can be digitized for final adjustments by a professional.