The imaginary journey


Images and visuals are a part of young people’s life every day and they shape their self-image, worldview and imagination. Their imagination uses the entire visual storage ("hard drive") that they accumulate over a lifetime. These images are used whenever new information and new insights into the world are formed. This activity encourage youth to draw on all of these visuals to go on a journey to their favorite place.



Young people's own environment is in the center of this workshop, which can take place anywhere that is comfortable. In addition, at the end of the workshop the youth can choose an exhibition space that is indoors, outdoors or online.



1. Ask the youth to choose one place that is significant for them in their hometown so that you can guide them on an imaginary journey to this place.

2. Ask the youth to finish the sentence "I WAS THERE…" . Invite them to forget their previous perception of the place, and to throw themselves on the journey to give way to their imagination.

3. Invite the youth to let themselves be guided on their journey by all of their senses : Where are you? Who are you? How do you feel? How does your body feel? What do you see? Is there any scent or smell? What do you hear? Are you with someone or do you meet someone? Do you enjoy your stay or do you want to leave? Etc.

4. Ask the youth to share and discuss their travelogues with one another.

5. Ask the youth to "take" 1-3 travel photos of their chosen place from angles that are the most interesting to them, by searching for photos on the web and saving them to their computer or smartphone. If they can't find pictures online, they can select pictures of another place that communicates how their place feels to them, using all of their senses.

6. Invite the youth to use their stories and pictures to introduce their hometown as if they were presenting it to other youth around the world.

7. Gather the youth's creations and organize them into an exhibition, online or physical