This project explores how we can change our relationship to waste, adding a layer of affection over them through art mechanisms. It aims to provoke and challenge how we make decisions on the issue of waste by creating awareness about what we think about waste and how do we feel about it. The project was developed by the architect, artist and filmemaker activist Danielly O.M.M. It is based on her own experience of creating waste albums that are art memory notebooks.



Participants: Students and waste pickers

Trainers: Artists, designers, lecturers

Partner institutions, stakeholders: Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo, Universidade de São Paulo, COOPAMARE, Arch. Ilkka Suppanen and Professor Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos


São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


2010, 3 weeks with meetings once a week.


This project concerns the lack of engagement with the issue of waste in most people's lives. It proposes to create an art memory notebook with waste produced by daily activities to encourage a shift of perspective.

The main objective is to raise awareness by creating affective bonds with waste, through a creative mechanism that stimulates a different way of dealing with the problem of waste, connecting problems and solutions through art.


By creating an art memory notebook from what is usually called waste, we can begin to see art on everyday discarded packages, small objects, and supposedly meaningless items. Thus, it becomes possible to recognize the value behind what would normally be abandoned, generating a reflection on the importance of caring about waste.


The opportunity and the need to re-shape the way we think about waste is critical, and there is not just one way to get there. In other words, instead of focusing on technical solutions, doing art with waste and transforming its meaning by building emotional bonds generates a process of self-reflection on value and care.

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